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Our Mission

We believe that frequently sharing small pieces of critical information helps people accomplish their goals more quickly and allows organisations to react to ever-changing circumstances.

We call this concept micro-reporting

This is nothing new. You probably do some form of micro-reporting everyday using tools like email, slack, files, shared folders… the list goes on. But this isn't like that slide show you send to upper management every week, that one PDF you're on the hook responsible for publishing, or the daily sales spreadsheet.

Our conception of micro-reporting brings the old idea of reporting to the new world of mobile, where people and businesses increasingly do their work.

Harkster makes it easy to create and share micro-reports

These small documents put the emphasis on consumption via mobile, and convey only the essential information for a given situation or task.

Traditional document formats
Traditional documents
  • Heavy
  • Wordy
  • When you can
  • Piggyback email, messaging, social
  • Lightweight
  • Concise
  • Whenever you learn something
  • At home on mobile and web

Harkster isn't a silver bullet (no tool can completely replace documents, spreadsheets, or slides) but it can reduce use of these artifacts where they're maintained only for reporting purposes.

Our goal is to bring this vision of micro-reporting to life, and we hope you'll join us for the journey 🤗

Instead of spending hours trying to bring together the big picture you spend a few minutes capturing or sharing snippets of the latest information when it makes the most sense.

Instead of trawling through emails, or chasing for that one file to be updated, you get a notification the moment new data is ready, with the micro-report already on its way to your device.

Instead of knowledge being stockpiled for the next weekly, then getting buried in a file in somebody's inbox, everyone gets to benefit from insights as soon as teams gain them.