Frequently Asked Questions

How are sources added to Harkster?

All sources have been requested by users of our platform. We've worked closely with a small group of investment professionals to seed the library with a handful of feeds but encourage users to request new sources (here) that they value and use frequently.

For every requested source, where possible, we will build a feed of shortcuts to new content published by that provider along with relevant filters to help manage and organise recent posts.

What content do you display in a feed?

Each post contains only the metadata from the underlying content, i.e. title, brief description, image etc., similar to the preview shown when linking to a website on social media. Clicking on a post will always take users to the original content on the provider's site.

We respect the ownership of the content from the providers we feature and are careful to find the balance between showing users enough of a preview to understand the underlying content whilst ensuring the full value remains in the original content on the provider's site. We will only ever display a maximum of 256 characters in a description.

In some cases, where content is available in the public domain (e.g. government data releases), a feed may display the full value of the underlying content whilst linking back to the source.

Can I request any source?

Yes, with a few rules.

We are happy to build new feeds for our users free of charge, providing the content is relevant to financial markets, has publicly available links and allows us to create a feed that respects the ownership of the content (see answer to previous FAQ).

If in doubt, contact us with a request, and we'll see what we can do.

Can I request a source where content is behind a paywall?


Sites will often display links to their premium content via a paywall. We can build feeds for this content, but you are still required to take out a subscription with the underlying provider to access this premium content. The links on Harkster will take you to the paywall/login screen on the provider's site if you are not logged into their page with an active subscription. These feeds have a green 'Subscription' badge on their feed description page.

In other cases, sites will have all content, including links hidden behind the paywall, which we cannot access. In this situation, we can reach out to the provider and ask if they are interested in providing a feed with links via a paywall or a private feed that only verified subscribers have access to in Harkster.

Can a private source be requested for use by individual users, teams or within a company?


If you are interested in commissioning a bespoke feed to be accessed only by a specific group of users, we can facilitate that on your behalf. We charge a day rate for the initial build phase and a low monthly fee for maintenance for private feeds. You can contact us here for more info; we'd be happy to discuss your requirements.

My content is on Harkster. Do I have any control over this?

Of course!

If you would like to add, edit or remove any content you own that appears on Harkster, get in touch, and we'll be happy to assist you. In future, we plan to develop the functionality to give owners full management (if desired) and access to analytics.

How frequently are feeds refreshed?

Our feeds update at different time intervals depending on their technical implementation and the frequency of the underlying content.

Some feeds will show updates as soon as they're published; others will update periodically from as frequent as every 15 minutes up to 7-day intervals for weekly content. In all scenarios, we aim to have new content on the platform within 60 mins of being published by the provider.

Our goal is to provide you with a platform that helps you follow the context around markets rather than a source of real-time market-moving data.

If any feed is not updating as frequently as you would like, please get in touch here and let us know.

How much does this thing cost?

Harkster is currently free whilst we finish off our beta testing but head to our pricing page if you would like more details on future pricing plans.

What if I need this one feature?

We're keen to hear about new ways to add value to the app, so please share your ideas or requirements with us here, and we'll do what we can to help.