What if you could leverage the power of AI to extract the research you need from your inbox?

HarksterAI is the blueprint for an in-house financial markets research co-pilot. You provide the research, we host and develop the technology to deliver a bespoke AI research solution.

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  • Financial research underpins many of my investment decisions

  • But my inbox is overflowing with it

  • 1000s of unread emails

  • I've given up on search

  • How many trade ideas am I missing?!

  • Can AI help?

  • Just ask Chat GPT?

  • That only gives results from the web

  • Too many non-approved and unreliable sources

  • e.g. Reddit

  • Fair

  • I only have a handful of sources that I trust

  • Exactly

  • I have 3 or 4 analysts I like for G10 rates

  • A couple of desks I look out for on gold

  • What if you could use AI to extract the research you need from only your inbox?

  • Search for any topic to get an immediate rundown generated from only your trusted sources

  • This looks interesting

  • Catch up on what's happened whilst you've been off the desk with a summary of everything that's hit your inbox in last few hours

  • Exactly what I need first thing in the morning!

  • Let AI summarise individual emails so you know if it's worth reading

  • Where do I sign up?

  • Press button below to email us for more information:

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